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He's baaack! - Wesley Clark
He's baaack!
Yay! Wesley Clark said Tuesday he wants to avoid waiting too late to make a decision on whether to run for president

I get another chance to vote for someone I'd actually *want* to have as President rather than the lesser of two weevils. Only problem is, his sources of income are Hillary's sources of income, and she already tapped 'em.
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bulby01 From: bulby01 Date: November 29th, 2006 07:50 am (UTC) (Link)
Unfortunately, I haven't quite had much research on which to base my preference for Wesley Clark, but thank you for posting that article!:

Clark said Iraq will be a focus of the 2008 campaign. He disagreed with suggestions by some members of Congress that more U.S. troops should be sent to help stabilize Iraq. Neither would he begin reducing U.S. forces in Iraq within the next six months, as others have suggested.

"It's not a matter of fiddling with troop levels," Clark said. "It's a matter of politics inside Iraq and diplomacy in the region. ... You can lose what's going on militarily inside Iraq, but you can't win it militarily, either by putting more forces in or by pulling them out."

"I don't deal with timelines," Clark said. "For me, it's talking to people and working separate related issues."

I like it when someone doesn't just cater to political sound bites with either "stay the course" or "bring them home" but would actually try to find a solution based on the needs of the particular situation in Iraq.
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