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Wesley Clark

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This community is for posting of relevant news and discussion of topics related to Gen. Wesley Clark and his run for President as a Democratic candidate in 2004, or just news bites that concern him.

Community rules: Please keep it civilized and topical. Discussion and debate is the name of the game -- not flaming or trolling. Yes, discussion can include criticism of Clark or of things related to him, but it should not include ad hominem attacks or flamebait. Please don't post off-topic comments, or bash Clark or the other candidates. I do not intend for this to be a community where no criticism is permitted. Just keep it objective and calm, and no one will get hurt. :)

Some useful links:
http://www.clarkcoalition.com/ - United for Clark
http://www.draftwesleyclark.com/ - Draft Wesley Clark for President
http://digitalclark.com/ - Digital Clark

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